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Molly in the moontime, originally uploaded by qwrrty.

PhotoFX just became my new best friend.

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Mechanics Hall, originally uploaded by qwrrty.

Source of grumpiness for the day: discovering that iOS 4.0 photos taken in portrait mode show up sideways when e-mailed. It's apparently a consequence of iOS 4 being dogmatic about using EXIF orientation tags in the JPEG file correctly, and the rest of the world not having caught up. I'm disappointed to find that flickr doesn't do this right.
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I love my iPhone.  Oh, I love it so much.  But there is one thing that I never was able to do that drove me nuts, and that was keep the calendar on my phone synched with Google Calendar.  I use Google Calendar to schedule pretty much everything in my life now, and not being able to get it reliably on my phone was maddening.

The last time I looked at this, the only solution seemed to involve Google Sync, a tool which looked at best a little kludgy and at worst threatened to lose all of my data if something went wrong.  I elected not to use it.

But as of the iPhone 3.0 update it is possible to make your phone sync directly with GCal: http://www.google.com/support/mobile/bin/answer.py?answer=151674.

After following that, go to https://www.google.com/calendar/iphoneselect to select the calendars you want to see on your phone.  Make sure you hit "Save".

Voila!  Now I can schedule appointments and -- dare I say it? -- lunch dates! with confidence.  It's like a whole new world, baby.


Jan. 31st, 2009 02:21 pm
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1:30pm: LG phone confirmed dead on arrival at Verizon Wireless.
3:00pm: iPhone purchased from Apple Store downstairs from Verizon.
4:30pm: synched music.
7:00pm: downloaded OpenTable, Yelp, Now Playing, Frotz, Pandora, TouchTerm, Midomi, Urbanspoon, Labyrinth, Burning Tires Lite, Lightsaber, Public Radio, Radioparadise, Google Apps Pack, LiveJournal.app, Dice Bag, and Facebook apps.
12:30am: successfully exported contact list from old phone.
10:00am: imported contact list into new phone.
2:00pm: downloaded iPhone SDK.

(Go ahead.  Look surprised.  I dare you.)

Edit: per [livejournal.com profile] fj's query, yes, I ported the old number. You do not need to update your contact lists.

Unless, of course, I wasn't in your contact list before. If that's the case, then you should. Except if the reason I wasn't in your contact list is that you don't actually like me that much in the first place. And if that's the case -- why are you even reading this? Is it just to taunt me? Is that it? You like being cruel? Don't you have better things to do? Are you proud of yourself now? Huh? Are you? So maybe you could do us all a favor and just defriend me. I don't care anyway. Knock yourself out. Truth is, I don't like you either. I've never liked you that much. You can be a real son of a bitch sometimes, and I've put up with it for a long time, but no more, you hear me? You hear me out there? Do you? Huh? Do you?

... sorry, what were we talking about?

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