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You have an empty kitchen and $250.  What cookware set do you get and why?

As reported in [livejournal.com profile] keyne's LJ, most of our cookware has still not turned up after a couple of weeks of unpacking.  There are still some boxes where some of it might be hidden, but their numbers are dwindling.  A cast-iron skillet and Dutch oven are versatile things but we are getting to the point where we are ready to buy a new cookware set.

Whatever we get needs to be easy to store, as our new kitchen is a lot shorter on storage space than the last one.  So options which stack well will get bonus points.

But forget all of htat.  You have an empty kitchen and $250.  What do you buy to cook with?
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Moved almost everything today.

Ironically, not our beds, so we're still sleeping at my parents' house.  For a couple of nights yet.

We have the most incredible and amazing friends.  I did not believe we could have moved everything from the basement here and everything from our storage unit, but we did.

.... so tired .....

No pictures, alas - I was too busy hauling stuff.  Maybe [livejournal.com profile] rintrahroars will see her way clear to posting some of the pictures she took?

Edit: She did!
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Reminder: we are MOVING as much STUFF as we can manage THIS SATURDAY, APRIL 25.  YOU are invited!

Here's the plan:

On Saturday morning starting at 9am, we convene at my parents' house in Carlisle. Coffee and fabulously unhealthy breakfast items will be provided. (Ping me if you do not know where we've been living for the last year.)  We load up the truck with as much stuff as we can manage.  Once we have loaded everything that's packed and ready to go, we drive the truck to Mosaic and unload.

At that point, we will drive the truck to our storage unit in Clinton (about 15 minutes away) and again load it up with as much stuff as we can manage.  Filling it would be amazingly awesome.

Then: we drive back to Mosaic, unload, I order pizza and chinese food and muscle relaxant for everyone, and we all collapse in a heap.

We have the truck all weekend, so if any of you are real hard-core masochists, you may join us on Sunday to pick up whatever we did not manage on Saturday. :-)


  • We will need a packing chief to oversee how things get fit in the truck.  Someone very good at 3-D tetris.  Everyone else will do as they say.  I am looking with hope and love in my eyes at [livejournal.com profile] jacflash, [livejournal.com profile] catya, and [livejournal.com profile] randysmith as possible people for this role.
  • Childcare-at-large.  Our two children will be running around.  They may be intermittently helpful (especially the larger one).  Those of you who are not carrying anything at a given moment may be pressed into service to distract a child for a few moments to keep them from trying to climb on the furniture as we are moving it out.
  • Possibly last-minute packing on Saturday morning -- this is up to [livejournal.com profile] keyne. I do not expect that we will have moved everything out of my parents' house by the end of Saturday, but if she's willing to supervise packing efforts then we could use some hands here.
  • Lifting that barge and toting that bale.
See you Saturday!

Holy smokes, is this really happening?
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We are starting to move into Mosaic this week.  We will be moving junk from my parents' house and our storage unit all week long, but our biggest push will be on Saturday, April 25 (assuming we can get the Big Honkin' Truck for it). Sorry about announcing this on such short notice, but that is apparently the way we roll.  M starts at the new school on Monday, April 27, so our goal is to be sufficiently moved-in by the end of Saturday that we can sleep there and make breakfast on Sunday.

If you can help, and haven't already responded to [livejournal.com profile] keyne's call for volunteers, give me a shout-out here.  We will need hands and warm bodies most urgently on Saturday, but if you're available to pack boxes or tote some stuff during the week, ping [livejournal.com profile] keyne, who will be trying to get as much of this done during the day as she can.

Woo-hoo!  mOVING!

one down

Jun. 25th, 2008 04:56 pm
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11. Sell our house.
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Between the power failure at our house today and our frantic push to finish clearing it out, unchi.org has gone off the air and will not be back until at least tomorrow morning.

I am hoping that the surviving drive in the RAID mirror did not crash, or it will take, uh, somewhat longer to come back.
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We did not actually have to move a body, but we have so much heavy junk there might as well have been a body in there somewhere. And you people turned out in droves. I was reminded of something I forget every single time we have to move: moving sucks, but if you bring a friend or three in, it can actually be a lot of fun. I had a lot of fun on Saturday, and I am filled with wonder and awe at the amazing people I know.

[livejournal.com profile] zsquirrelboy and [livejournal.com profile] ectophylla joined us not once, not twice, but three days to help us pack and load and move our crud. [livejournal.com profile] dr_agonfly and family came to help both last weekend and this one. [livejournal.com profile] catya  and [livejournal.com profile] shayde lent us their van for three whole weeks to move stuff into storage. All four of them, plus [livejournal.com profile] rintrahroars and [livejournal.com profile] moominmolly and [livejournal.com profile] dilettante and [livejournal.com profile] ghislaine and the whole [livejournal.com profile] pulito family joined us at the last minute for the great furniture shove. And [livejournal.com profile] randysmith squeezed in some time today to help move some of the last of our boxes and our bed (and if you have any idea how much a king-size Tempur-Pedic mattress weighs, you know how meaningful that is).

Above all, [livejournal.com profile] jacflash and [livejournal.com profile] dbang and family have provided so much support and so many hours of help that it is hard for me to express our gratitude in words.  You guys are f'in' brilliant.

It is 11:45 and I just stopped moving a little while ago.  The closing is in fifty hours and we are almost done.  Talk to you soon.
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Moving!  We're still doin' it!  Saturday, June 21!

I know, by now everybody in the Mid-Atlantic region already has plans for Saturday, but hey!  Come by early and help us load our truck with what's left of our furniture.  Especially the jukebox.  That's the bit I'm most worried about.  We'll feed you lunch (possibly a bit late) and beer and you can play with my Netflix Roku.  We can be finished with the furniture by 3pm and you can go home and shower and go on with your wild and crazy nightlife!

RSVP here.  Let us know if we have to escalate bribes.  We will do whatever is necessary to entrap you into temporary servitude.

Edit: we will be picking up the truck between 8am and 9am.  My guess is that we will be ready to start loading it by 9:30 or 9:45.
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This is the penultimate weekend before the closing on our house.  There is an enormous volume of stuff still to put in storage or to move to my parents' house.  We've been expecting to spend pretty much the whole weekend packing, hauling and storing stuff.

It is also the weekend of the Sawyer Hill Cohousing Open House -- on Sunday there will be possibly hundreds of people converging on our site to tour the development and see finished units inside and out.  It's our biggest marketing event of the year, bar none, and what time we don't spend packing we've been planning to spend at the open house.

So why the gods picked today to give me a nasty gastrointestinal bug?  I don't know.  But damn, they must be enjoying themselves.
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(copied from [livejournal.com profile] keyne's journal for the sake of you who aren't on her friends list...)

We have two weeks left before closing. There's an awful lot of stuff still left to pack, I'm at work during the day, and Ellen is having trouble sustaining both energy and momentum when she's home alone. If you feel at all inclined to keep her company during the weekday any time in the next couple of weeks, she would love that, even if it just means you bring a laptop and work on your day job while she grinds away. (Help hauling loads down to our storage unit in Clinton would also be much appreciated, for the truly intrepid!  The storage facility closes too early in the evening for me to take stuff there after work.)

This weekend and the next we need MAJOR help moving furniture and heavy goods — we'll be renting a truck to take the large stuff (couches, armoires, jukebox, stuff like that) down to our storage unit. Some of you will be at the cohousing conference this Saturday, and more of you will be at Pride, and Sunday morning some will be prepping for the Sawyer Hill Open House (which we plan to attend as well); we'll still take help whenever and however you can give it! We'll arrange comestibles, music, and conversation to suit your fancy. :-)

If you have any time to spare for either general weekday companionship, or for moving-and-storage duty on the 14th, 15th, 21st or 22nd, please let me know; I'll be very grateful. Thanks!
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"Structured COBOL", Philippakis and Kazmier
"ALGOL in Brief: A Short Practical Guide", Ractliffe
"The Unicode Standard, Version 1.0", The Unicode Consortium

I don't know which is worse:
  • that I'm not getting rid of them;
  • or that these are surely not the most embarrassing or pointless books in my library.

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